Welcome to the web site of The Lynchburg Democratic Committee.

We provide organization and opportunities for participation in the political process. We are committed to the values of the Democratic Party: economic opportunity, educational excellence, social justice, environmental protection and cultural diversity. We work to elect local, state, and national candidates who share these values.

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Although the LDC is officially a “committee”, it is a grass-roots organization, and all are welcome. You can choose to participate in a variety of ways: volunteering, attending monthly meetings, election day activities, financial support in any amount, etc.  Help us elect more Democrats and support President Obama’s goals. Membership dues are $10 per calendar year. Click on the "Join or Contribute" link above to join.

We meet with our fellow Democrats at 7:00 p.m., on the third Wednesday of each month in the Community Meeting Room of the Lynchburg Public Library, 2315 Memorial Avenue in the Plaza.  The Community Meeting Room is located on the Plaza side of the Library building and there is ample free parking next to the entrance door to the Community Meeting Room.  Occasionally we hold our meetings in local restaurants and, when we do, this information is posted on our Facebook page, on this web site and communicated by mass email.

       We need your support!  A letter from our new chair:

Dear Lynchburg area citizens:
    The participation of individuals like you was critical to the recent election of Democratic candidates to all three state-wide offices in Virginia, including a narrowly-won race for Attorney General. During the recount, we observed a number of additional Democratic votes turn up in the various precincts of Lynchburg, many of which saw increased Democratic voter turnout over previous off-year elections. We were thrilled to celebrate the first Democratic top-of-the-ticket sweep since 1989. In 2014, we hope that you will continue to make a difference by supporting the Lynchburg Democratic Committee (LDC).
    In 2014, we intend to endorse and help elect candidates in the City Council election on May 6th while simultaneously preparing for the November elections featuring Congress and Senate. We hope that additional activities will include outreach to young voters, developing candidates for future elections, improving our database of supporters, bringing guest speakers to our meetings, and continuing our participation with partner organizations.
    As a fully volunteer organization, we support voter engagement at all levels of government. Our office provides information and support for potential candidates wishing to get on the ballot, voter registration, restoration of voting rights, and voter education. Contributions to the Lynchburg Democratic Committee help to fund office expenditures, monetary and in-kind contributions to campaigns, the purchase and placement of yard signs, printing sample ballots, and providing rides to the polls on Election Day. Our email list, website, Facebook page, and physical office help campaigns to collect signatures for candidate petitions, stage phone banks, and walk door-to-door throughout the community.
    The first $10 of your contribution pays for membership dues. Members of the LDC vote on endorsement of candidates, elect LDC officers, and serve as delegates to the Congressional District, State, and National Conventions. Contributions that total $100 or less per calendar year are not made public, so please click on "Join or Contribute" above for a membership form to join us or to renew your membership for 2014. If you live outside the City of Lynchburg or wish to make a contribution without joining the Committee, we welcome your support as well.
    This year marks the first time since the late 1960s that Democrats in Virginia have held all three statewide offices along with both Senate seats and we thank you again for your support. Our work is far from over, however, as ongoing efforts of candidate development, voter registration and education, and mobilizing people to the polls each Election Day must occur. We simply can not do it without you.

With thanks for your continued support,

Katie Webb Cyphert, Chair, Lynchburg Democratic Committee

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